The Benefits of Forskolin

The process of loosing weight can be time consuming and tiresome, especially when it involves dieting and exercising on a regular basis. To avoid the long wait and tired musles associated with exercising and dieting, persons seeking to shed off some weight have turned to supplements. These weight loss alternatives yield results faster and do not involve any exercise. One of the supplements used is known as forskolin. This supplement is a natural flower extract that has been in use for centuries. The extract has in the past been used in the curing of heart disorders.

Extracted from a flowering plant known as Coleus forskohlii, forskolin has been taunted as the next big thing in weight loss. The extract has a number of benefits as a weight loss solution. To understand the benefits of forskolin as a weight loss solution, it is important to understand how the supplement works. When absorbed in to the body the extract has the effect of encouraging the breakdown of the adipose tissues. In lay mans language, the adipose tissues is belly fat. Therefore one of the many benefits of forskolin, is that it assists in the break down and reduction of belly fat.

The breakdown of the adipose tissues or belly fat results in the production of fatty acids , which in turn cause a process known as thermogenesis to occur. This is a process, whereby the body temperature increases, increasing the metabolic rate of the body. Increased metabolic rate leads to the burning of more calories and fat. This is another the benefit of Pure Forskolin Extract supplement for weight loss purposes. The extract acts as a catalyst that speeds up thermogenesis, which in essence is the burning of calories and fat in the body. This is one of the ways of reducing one’s calorie level without the need for exercise.

A study done at the University of Kansas Physiology laboratory revealed that persons who used forskolin supplements lost weight faster than those who used placebo supplements. According to the results of the study, persons who used forskolin over a certain period of time had increased testosterone and lean body mass. Those who used placebo lost less fat in comparison to those who used forskolin supplement. Increased muscle contributes heavily to the loss weight process. From the results of this study it is evident that forskolin is better than placebo supplements for weight loss.

For desired results, it is advisable to consume a maximum of 125 mg of forskolin every morning. When looking for a supplement it is advisable to purchase a supplement that contains 10% forskolin. Forskolin is a recent product that has been in circulation for a short period of time. However, it is proving to be instrumental in the fight against obesity and accumulation of body fat. This is the extract does courtesy of the effects of the flower from which it is extracted from. The coleus forskohlii in its pure form acts as a metabolism booster and fat blocker.

One of the many disadvantages of using supplements for weight loss is that most have side effects. Unlike some of the other supplements available in the market, forskolin has zero side effects. This is according to studies conducted on the supplement so far. Being that it is a new product, the studies conducted may be inconclusive, nevertheless, the fact that no side effects have been reported, it is a good sign that the supplement is safer than other supplements. This is another benefit of using forskolin for weight loss purposes. Despite the supplement having no side effects, it is advisable for persons on prescription medication to be cautious when using this supplement to avoid any complications.

Forskolin is sold as Forskolin 125. The standardized forskolin content is normally ten percent which is the equivalent of 125 milligrams of forskolin. As like with all other supplements, exercising may become necessary to yield the desired results. Since its introduction, forskolin has become one of the fastest fat burning supplements available to persons seeking to shed off weight. Though it’s a new product, forskolin can be purchased from a host of stores and has been featured on the Dr. Oz show, which adds to its many benefits as a weight loss supplement.

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